Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Cheeky Chipmunk

I promise it's not what is looks like….

I was just having a nice and relaxing day when I found a corn farm.  I curiously look around until I find the biggest, shiniest, juicy corn.  I pluck it out of the ground with all my strength and when it comes out I fly backwards.  Getting up with no fear I  carelessly shove the sweet corn in my mouth like how a beaver would chop a tree.  Closing my eyes, gobbling up the sweet corn was never better.  I had a mouth full of corn, still closing my eyes blessed with sweet corn I open my eyes to a peculiar sighting.  “A red corn on the cob ?” Then I freeze with fear.  “Come here you little brat.” Running back to my house through the woods and up the hill, I finally reach my front door.  I Slam the door open and sprint up the stairs and forget about the incident.  “Well at least I had my dinner”

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