Monday, 22 May 2017

The Wrong Decision

Parenting Fails

  Would you send your child out in the spine-chilling, mysterious, eerie forest, where lingering wolves hang about? Little Red Riding Hood’s mum was probably 1 out of 100 people who’d do this to her defenceless neglected child. We think that poor Little Red Riding Hood was not old enough to go to grandma’s house all by herself and instead should have accompanied by a responsible, caring parent.

Little Red Riding Hood was too young to walk to her grandma’s house because her mum made the wrong decision and should have gone with her. Surveys say that parents should not be sending their young children to walk alone in dangerous places until they are at least 11 years old. Unlike older children, 6 year olds like Little Red Riding Hood, are not capable of walking alone as they can’t sense danger. We are sure that like most intelligent people, you would agree that a 6 year old should not be sent out to run errands for her careless mother. Therefore Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother was not very smart and placed her daughter in terrible danger.

As we have shown with our undeniable evidence, Little Red Riding Hood was too young to walk alone to Grandma’s House by herself. As a strong responsible parent, we know you would never have allowed this to happen.

By Samarah, Ilsa and Jeremiah

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