Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The lost city // SSW

                           The lost city

Tall trees swayed to the whistling wind, branches scratched me on the back like an angry tiger.  As I stepped forwards onto the crackling leaves, a glisten caught my eye.  On the ground was a shiny gold key. “ Where could this lead to ?” I whispered to myself.  I kept the key In my pocket in case it would be useful later on.

Meanwhile I was trying to find a slot for the key to fit in but it was no use.  I was in a jungle, and what jungle would have a door that would accept a shiny gold key. I sighed.  But right before my eyes there was a huge surprise.  About three doors stood there waiting to be opened.  Soon came a creepy old run-down voice. “The three doors standing in front of you will lead you too 3 different places.”  I couldn’t wait to meet a new place so I just picked the most colourful door.

Goal: To Use A Range Of Sentence Starters

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