Friday, 17 March 2017

Worst Day Of Work !! // Writing // By Jeremiah

WALT : Use descriptive language

Worst day of work !

As I limped into my office almost falling over, my boss had another assignment for me.  I sighed miserably.  My coffee was asking me to gulp him up so I reached out my hand and slowly grabbed my coffee.  As I put it to my mouth I was half asleep.  But before I could even open my eyes to see where I was aiming my cup to, my cup was half  empty.  I was not even conscious about it until I saw that coffee was sputtered all over my keyboard.  With red and half open eyes I went to grab a towel to dry up all the mess.  I closed my eyes and grabbed anything that felt like a towel.  Snoozy and droopily I Started wiping my keyboard.  As I took a good glance at what I was wiping the keyboard with I got a shock.  Before I could go and return my boss’s shirt he was already standing at the door with a HUGE glare.  I tried to get the word (sorry) out of my mouth, but my mouth was so small an ant couldn’t fit inside it.  Instead of firing me my boss felt sorry for me.  He told me “ go and have a lye down.”  The bed my boss handed me was indeed the most glorious thing ever.  And in no time I was already dozing off to lala land.

Our Group had an emotion to write about. We needed to make it as descriptive as possible.

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