Wednesday, 23 November 2016

This is my goal evaluation

           Goal Evaluation

My first semester goal was to use more descriptive language in my writing.  I achieved this goal by using more similes and adjectives in my writing.

My second semester goal was to use more complicated strategies in maths.  I haven’t achieved this goal because I don’t use enough of the other strategies but place value.

My key competency goal was to use classroom time well.  I haven’t yet but I can achieve this goal by focusing on my work and choose a sensible spot to sit while working.

My personal goal was to pass set 8 in spelling.  I haven’t achieved this goal yet.  I can achieve this goal if I do more spelling homework or read the dictionary regularly.

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  1. You set yourself sensible goals. You need to focus consistently to meet any goal you set yourself.
    Mr. Shinn