Monday, 7 November 2016

Mysterious and Mythical   

How did I get here?
One night, on a cold icy day, you’d think everything would be just right but it wasn’t.  At 10pm at night I just fell asleep and  I had a dream.  Not just any ordinary dream.  My dream felt like real life.  I could feel my feet freeze as I leaped onto the snow.  I felt the cool breeze brush past my leg as I walked up to the torn up tree.  I whispered to myself.  “This isn’t a tree ?“ A sparkly thing caught my eye.  I followed the directions to the glistening sparkle and found myself lost.  I started to panic. “What would my mum say?” I cried.  Well atleast I found the sparkly thing.  I looked at it and thought.  “This is just a rock covered with ice” I squealed.  I picked it up and treated it like a piece of junk.  I was in rage mode by now.  It felt like I was a lonely kid jumping up and down really madly in the middle of nowhere.  

                                                  What now?
Suddenly, I heard a something.  Something like a wolf.  As I listened I was already starting to run.  Every second I ran,  the howling got louder,  and louder, and louder.   So I turned around and started running  the other way.  But it was no better.  I whispered to myself “this isn’t real i’m just dreaming.” “Or are you?”   A croaky voice replied.  But as I opened my mouth to speak, he vanished into thin air.  Suddenly I felt something brush past my legs.  Was it the wolf I heard, was it the two wolves I heard? Was… Was
It umm.  But I tried not to think.  The more I thought the more nervous I was.  Chatter , chatter, chatter.  Now my teeth are now asking to go home from the screaming wind and the coldness.  “Or are they?” the
creepy voice replied again.  “It’s very nice out here isn’t it ? “ he exclaimed.  But it was no turning back.  My feet were stuck in the snow and when I say stuck, I mean stuck.  My feet were freezing to ice.  The snow came all the way up to my knees and I couldn’t even move anything.  By now I might as well give up.

                                                 Friendly Or Not ?  
I don’t know how but I managed to get out of the snow.  But just as I started finding my way back home it was the wolf or maybe the wolves again.   They were howling like i’ve never heard before.  The howl was probably twice was loud as usual and more, high pitched I’D say.  It sounded like they were starving to eat someone and the target was me.  I had a slight feeling they around somewhere poking their heads around looking at me.  I was a bit anxious at this point but I just kept trying to find my way back home.  At the top of my worries was my hunger.  At this point I could probably eat an elephant.  “It’s soo late”, I said to myself.  But that is what I shouldn’t worry about I already see a wolf.  I stayed still as a statue but it was no use.  He was staring at me as if I was a piece of meat.  “Or is he?” It was the voice again.  “SHUTUP” I screamed.  But the wolf looked like a friendly wolf.  He walked up to me with his eyes sparkling and shimmering at my face.  “Well, he can’t harm me?” But just as I said that he opened his mouth and tried to bite my leg off.  But luckily he missed because you don’t know how badly he wanted me.

                                               On The Run
Obviously I started to run.  But the wolf didn’t dare to chase me.  But I thought it wanted to eat me ?  Just as I turn around I see that same wolf gnawing on my jeans until his saliva is all over me.  YUCK!  I started to shoo off the wolf but it wouldn’t budge.  All it did was, it looked at me and kept on chewing.
I tried to think what would make the wolf go away.  So I got my FAVOURITE bouncy ball and threw it and hoped that the wolf could maybe go chase after it.  I got tired but this wasn’t the end of things….

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