Wednesday, 30 November 2016

King Louis {The Jungle Book}

The Jungle Book
                   King Louis
This is me, Mowgli.  I was brought to this monkey temple not knowing what i’m here for.  Suddenly I turned around and saw a huge orangutan staring at me.  “Hey man cub, it’s King Louis, the king of all the monkeys in the jungle.  “If you’re keen on living in the jungle you need a human to look after you.”  

“I’ve brought you here for an important need, the red flower.”  Every monkey in the temple gasped.  I whispered to myself, “what’s the red flower?”  Just the way ruin it, my friend baloo comes charging in.  “Am I in the right monkey jungle here?”  He shouted.  If I was Baloo I’d be as embarrassed as a dog going to a cat’s birthday party.  You have no idea how many monkey’s are in that temple….

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  1. Well done, you use some really good vocabulary. Remember when writing dialogue/speech that a new speaker's words start a new line.
    Mr Shinn.