Tuesday, 24 May 2016

What I've learnt in term 2 about maths this year.


In maths this term I've been learning how to use number lines for working out questions like
E.G - 67+28.  To work out this question you need to put the smallest number (28) at the start
and the biggest number (67).  Now you will need to add 2 to 28 witch = 30 to make a tidy number.
Then you will  then add 30 to 30 then will make 60 then add 7 60.  This will make 67.  But it's
not finished yet we need to add together what we've just added to make tidy numbers. 2+30= 32
so that's the answer.

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  1. You have shown that you understand what tidy numbers are and how to use a number line. However you need to look at your working out.
    You have worked out 28+__=67